Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Special Dental Appointment

A Special Dental Appointment
Like every place, Blacksburg has some special people.
Seldom do we want to remember a visit to the dentist. Yesterday, I took my 87-year-old Dad to a dentist that was not his normal one on an emergency, and I hope I’ll never forget that visit.

Dad had pretty good teeth until he had radiation for cancer. The radiation left his body cancer free but started deteration of his teeth. His regular dentist has been working to preserve as many teeth as he can but has had to replace some. One tooth that served as an anchor for a partial plate broke off on Sunday. Early Monday morning we began calling his dentist to see if he could get in just to get the sharp edge rounded to protect his tongue. We learned that his regular dentist was out of town for the week. His very helpful receptionist suggested a dentist that was to take Dr. Robertson’s patients on an emergency basis but she cautioned that he might not consider this an emergency. Dad thought of Dr. Huff who was a member of Dad’s church. He said, “Call June Cox (another member of his church), she runs Dr huff’s office.”

I called for June Cox and told her our problem. She said “just a minute” and was off the line for a while. She came back on and said, “ The receptionist will give you an appointment.” The receptionist told us to come in immediately but be prepared to wait.
She sounded busy and when we got to the office we found out why. Apparently,
Mondays are exceptionally busy in a dentist’s office. The father-son dentist team and a full staff of hygienists and assistants. were swarming around like bees in a hive.
But we got the red carpet treatment.

Dr. Huff brought tears to my eyes when he told me in the hall that Dad was one of the finest men he had ever known. He said Dad had been a mentor in the church and when he brought his family to church, it wasn’t quite complete unless they saw Mr. Absher.
Dr Huff rebuilt an anchor on the damaged stub, showing me what he was doing with each step.

He told Dad that he would be able to speak at prayer breakfast. Dad had played a key role in starting and maintaining a monthly prayer breakfast and often contacted speakers.
Apparently, he had contacted Dr. Huff when he was active and Dr. Huff had said yes but later. That later time had come and Dr. Huff remembered.

When Dad left the chair Dr. Huff hugged us both and told Dad he was honored to be able serve him. Instead of giving us the folder to give to the clerk, he said, “ tell them on the way out there is no charge.”

Dr. Huff and the staff witnessed to their faith. Words were not necessary. It was a busy Monday morning but we weren’t rushed nor treated abruptly. We were made to feel that the morning was ours. We left the dental office with new fillings but not for our teeth.

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