Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Special Father's Day

During 2001 I got involved in the Hispanic Church,  Cristo Reina.  I drove the van, made crock-pot barbecue, and decorated tables with flowers from our garden.  The van I used was the one we purchased for Barbara to make flower pick up deliveries. 
Many of the worshipers at Cristo Reina were Mexican migrant workers who were earning money to send back to their families in their homeland.  We recognized that a Father's Day celebration may be a sad time for the absentee dads.  So Pastor Lupina came up with a plan.  We filled several buckets with a variety of flowers from our yard and placed them at the back of the worship area.  Then Lupina explained;   the van had been purchased to transport flowers, now it was being used to gather flowers for God's bouquet.  God's bouquet included all of our children.  She asked each father to get a flower for each child they had back in Mexico and bring it to the front and add to a container on the altar.  As the men filed by some had a hand full of flowers.  There were tears from the tough laborers.  Sine then, I have been reminded that flowers are for Father's Day as well as Mother's Day and bouquets are always appropriate reminders of God's Love

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