Monday, September 20, 2010

The Memory Garden

One of the great things about family is the memory growing opportunities. This weekend provided fertile ground for memory growth.

There are many moments I will treasure, such as watching Katelyn thoroughly enjoy her first birthday cake, which brought back memories of Kristin’s first cake eating experience – it is a wonder I made it through that one! Being photographed by Kathlyn was a unique experience – while she never said that I wasn’t photogenic, she did require multiple takes to get one she sort of liked! However, I’ve got to appreciate that as long as she deletes the ones she didn’t like, I will always know she was looking out for my best interest!

Other touching moments:

  • seeing Juliana display all of her fashion inspired Silly Bandz on Craig’s leg
  • having Meggen crawl up into my lap just to chat
  • getting big bear hugs and one piece of candy corn from the host with the most, Ian
  • watching all the cousins play together
  • watching the oldest granddaughter and the oldest grandson help the youngest granddaughter tiptoe through the grass so she could feel like she was "playing" with all the other cousins
  • laughing with my sisters
  • celebrating Matthew's thirteenth birthday with his cousins
  • And of course, just being together was great!

I think Anita mentioned that it was fun to be together in the summer and I have to agree. Being together, without having to worry about running off to someone else’s house for a holiday celebration or other obligation was a special treat.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes I forget how much fun it was to grow up in a big family. I am glad that every once in a while, at least, my children get to experience big family life while spending time with their aunts, uncles, and cousins, not to mention the grandparents !

Photo credit: Anita Absher Beyer with Kathlyn Rose Beyer's camera


Curtis said...

Thanks for recording some of the memories of the week end, Mindy. Beth had the unique opportunity to see all of her sibs in one day as I had the blessing of seeing all the Absher kids and and grandkids in the same day. Some things that warmed my heart were very subtle: When we arrived at David's house, Joshua came to my door to let me out.
Little Katelyn reached for me as she recognized a familiar face; Ian picked me to fill his plate at the first meal and just the warmth the kids showed to their GranPa. I was also reminded how important cousins were to me while growing up and now as we are all aging together.

Beth and Ricardo Gomez said...

Thanks, Mindy. I'm so glad we all got to be together that day! Aren't enough like it! Please thank your mother-in-law again for opening her home to us for a stress free afternoon! (at least it was for me - and I didn't have many of those during my short visit home.)